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Uninstall Toolbars from your browser

We all know that installing software from different websites will eventually turn into an annoyance since these applications often come with an uninvited guest: an annoying and undesired toolbar or the unwelcome surprise that even your default search engine has been changed. In order to solve these problems, at PHPnuke we have thought of the best solutions for our users to erase all spyware and malware elements, manually or with a removal application. Take a look at the different possibilities we propose for uninstalling these toolbars and disabling browser hijacking in a few simple steps depending on which browser you use.

How to do it by yourself

First of all locate the toolbar that has been installed on your system, for example, the Ask or Delta toolbar. In order to get rid of these elements without removal software, your need to follow the following steps:

  • Click on Windows, Control Panel then Programs and Features in Windows 7
  • Check the list of programs you have installed by looking for the target toolbar (aTube toolbar, Delta toolbar, BrowserProtect, Delta Chrome Toolbar, BitGuard, Mixi.DJ or similar)
  • Click on the detected toolbar and uninstall it by following the system's advice

Once you have done these steps you need to return to the regular configuration of your default browser. Here you can find how to recover your default search engine and your browser homepage:

Google Chrome

  • Navigate to the Settings menu and Settings section
  • Click on the button marked “Manage search engine…
  • Choose from amongst the available options for the one you prefer and mark it as the default engine
  • Click on the cross at the right side of the search engine you want to erase
  • On the Startup section paste the URL address you want to keep as your homepage
  • Click on accept to complete the process

Mozilla Firefox

  • Type in the address bar about:config and press Enter
  • Click on the take care button that will appear
  • Look for Keyword.url in the search field that appears above
  • Right click on Keyword.url and choose the restore option and close that window
  • On the up-right part of Firefox change the search engine clicking on the icon to the one you want
  • Click again on the previous icon, choose the option to manage the search engines and erase the ones you don’t want in your browser
  • Click on the Firefox menu, select the options menu
  • In the General section set the homepage
  • Click on accept

Internet Explorer

  • Click on the gear icon and manage complements
  • Click on Search providers, select the one you want to be your default search engine, quit the ones that are strange to you and accept
  • Click on the gear again, and go to Internet options and General tab
  • Change the default homepage to the one you want and erase the previous one
  • Finish the process by clicking on accept

Do it automatically with the aid of software
Do it automatically with the aid of software

Using additional software

If you want to avoid manual configurations, you can always rely on the different applications that recover the configuration of your browser. At PHPnuke, we recommend Adwcleaner as a removal tool for these kinds of uses, software that you can get through this link. For erasing these toolbar elements from your system, just follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install Adwcleaner on your system
  • On the main screen, click on the Delete button
  • The program will show several elements to erase, so click accept for all the following messages
  • The process is now complete


Following these processes, the configuration of your Internet browser will be recovered, and you will be rest assured that you will avoid the intrusion of spyware and malware to your system. Congratulations on taking back your browsers’ settings and avoid installing toolbars by paying attention to the software you install on future occasions.