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Amazon Fire TV

Amazon aims to enter into the hardware business with its newest member of the family, Amazon Fire TV. The concept is more than just a media center for listening to your music in your living room; Amazon will integrate several video-on-demand services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Watch ESPN and their new service; Amazon Instant Video. This Android-based Amazon device will play your HD 1080p content with an easy setup - just plug it to your TV, set the Internet connection and you’ll be ready to enjoy all kinds of content in no time.

The announcement of Amazon Fire TV has been anticipated ever since the company created its own videogame studio and includes the support of some great publishers such as SEGA, EA, 2K, Ubisoft, Telltale, Gameloft, Double Fine and Disney, which means there’s a large amount of gaming content available from the moment you plug it in to your TV. This affordable set-top box is released for USD$99 and the additional gaming controller for USD$39, sold separately, though it’s not mandatory.

The presentation of the new hardware
The presentation of the new hardware

Details of the hardware

Its technical details offer an affordable device with all the power needed for playing High Definition games and videos. Amazon Fire TV features a Quad-Core processor Qualcomm Krait 300 at 1.7GHz, built-in Qualcomm Adreno 320, 2GB RAM, dual-antenna Wi-Fi and 8GB of internal space for saving your multimedia content. The device only works with HD TV, and for that reason it only includes an HDMI port for connecting it to the display screen, and an additional optical audio output for better quality equipment such as the 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound System.

Its technical details offer an affordable device with all the power needed for playing High Definition games and videos

Although the internal space may look small with only 8GBs for downloading content from the web, Fire TV includes a USB port to plug in an external HDD device for increasing the space. Additionally, with cloud storage services you can access all your personal files directly through your Internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

The remote control includes a double digital microphone for advanced voice searches and simple layout with a group of six buttons for multimedia options and a 5-way directional circle to navigate the different menus as well as the Internet. The capabilities of Fire TV also allow you to use a tablet device for controlling all the options that it offers.

Streaming multimedia services

Amazon Fire TV wants to be the main multimedia device for your home, for this reason it has been released with a focus on Amazon Prime Instant Video service and similar in mind. The own Amazon service will provide its users unlimited free content from series and movies with just a monthly subscription.

Besides the Amazon’s service, Fire TV also includes support for other popular streaming video services such as Netflix or Showtime Anytime, and even streaming audio services such as iHeart Radio and Pandora. All of these online services are combined with the objective of making Amazon Fire TV the multimedia center for your home.

Enjoy the latest games
Enjoy the latest games

Game System

The company, managed by Jeff Bezos has invested in the creation of their own game studio, signing promising developers up to their own proprietary development branch. Sev Zero is one of the results of this new studio, with a great aspect and innovative gameplay. Focusing on this platform, there are promising game apps that will optimize the machine.

Being an Android-based OS device offers some benefits like the amount of compatibility with high numbers of newly released apps

Being an Android-based OS device gives some benefits like the amount of compatibility with high numbers of newly released apps. This way there are several popular games that released on the device’s launch day such as Minecraft Pocket Edition, race games like Asphalt 8, and other blockbuster titles like The Walking Dead.

For a better performance, Amazon has released the Fire Game Controller, a Bluetooth gamepad, very similar to the one included with Xbox systems. Some of the games for the system require this controller for playing them. The exclusive games and those that are released for Android look incredible on this system. The catalog includes anything from free games to the average title priced at just USD$1.85.


Amazon Fire TV is a good new offer for a set-top box, and it’s cheap and powerful. The video-on-demand services it includes will let you make the most of family content and the games that are published and will be released make this device for your HD TV a great partner for enjoying music, movies and all kinds of content in an instant.